Finally, one place to find everything muslim-friendly in Singapore!

According to Index Mundi's 2018 profile of demographics, approximately 14.3% of the population in Singapore are muslims, making it the 2nd largest ethnic and/or religious segment with an estimated size of over 840,000 people across age groups.

Though dim in comparison with neighbours like Malaysia and Indonesia, it certainly creates a huge need for muslim products and services in Singapore.

A common problem in many countries, with or without a major muslim population, is sourcing for food, products, services etc with certainty that they abide by necessary practices that validate the reference. Food always seem to be easiest with validation of Halal certification issued by a registered authority. 

That said, Uniqiss has personally spoken to various establishments in the region and recognised an undeniable lapse in this belief considering many are not willing to spend between hundreds to thousands of dollars required to obtain certification due to various reasons, being a start-up with limited funding serving as one example.

Citing the above example along with its challenges, we then start to realise the number of eateries, service providers, manufacturers, distributors, exporters, profit or not profit organisations, financial institutions and many more business/industries that strive to provide for the muslim community in different markets with limited resources or support.

The Muslim Pages has come together with a valiant effort in resolving this challenge by putting together a directory listing muslim professional businesses from a wide range of industries, making it a one-stop yellow-pages available at your fingertips with full details, pictures and even direct call links.

Categories in the listing include but is not limited to:

- Contractors, designers, builders

- Property agents

- Eateries

- Food order or delivery services

- Educational institutions, islamic training or services

- Medical and health services

- Music and entertainment

- I.T services

- E-commerce stores

- Legal, enforcement and security

- Spa and wellness

- Travel packages, Hajj, Umrah, holidays etc.

- Logistics, courier, Freight

- Insurance, banking, finance and muslim-friendly investments

- Wedding, parties and events

- Video and photography

- Home furniture, decor, bathroom, kitchen and gardening 

- Sales, marketing and advertising

- Fashion, Jewellery, beauty and cosmetics

- Cars and motorbikes

- Groceries, pet items

- Sports, hobbies and recreation

- Cleaning, domestic and pest control services

- Non-profit organisations, mosque directories and many more!

We think you get the drift; this is an extensive listing and even though it's still work in progress filling the categories to the brim, regardless of if you're a muslim business owner or consumer (or even a non-muslim!) we're talking about finding practically anything a human being needs under the sun through a single website!

Could this be the solution to every Singaporean muslim's daily challenges in providing or sourcing for products and services? Do share your views in the comments section and let's discuss!

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